FreeBSD 6.3, ftpd and crappy clients

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Fri Feb 29 06:13:59 UTC 2008

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> > I cut some of the directory listing so as not to consume
> > a lot of space - the spaces are different because some of
> > the listing had files in it that were larger, and the
> > program merely added the spaces so the columns would
> > line up.  (you will note the total at the bottom didn't
> > add up)
> >
> > Do you have the total client list of clients that
> > are having problems?
> >
> unix mozilla, windoze internet exploder.

I really hate to tell you this but I just tested this with
one of my 6.3-RELEASE servers, and with IE6, and I have no
problem displaying files.

I don't have the other clients loaded (at least not here)
I'll see if I can test them tomorrow.

The URL I used in IE was:


(obviously you would substitute the appropriate user ID,
password and server)

This was the stock FTP server in 6.3-release

Unless I can duplicate the problem I can't help any


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