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Fri Feb 29 01:28:48 UTC 2008

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Ghirai wrote:
> Hello list,
> Can anyone recommend a jet color
> printer that works with CUPS on FreeBSD,
> somewhere in the low - mid range.

Man, nearly every printer being sold is *SOMEBODY's* favorite, so you
really, really should have noted what's important. I mean important TO YOU,
in a printer, then you might have eogtten other than everyone's favorite.

I'll tell you mine, but honestly, without knowing what you like best in
printers, it's a very nearly worthless datum.

I like the HP 7130.  HP doesn't sell it anymore, but there's quite a active
market for them on ebay, and you can get good prices for them, so good that
you could afford to buy 2 and keep one for hot spares.  It's what HP calls
their "AIO" or All In One printer, which means it prints, scans, copies,
faxes, and shines your shoes.  It has very nice paper handling, so it not
only does very good 2 sided printing/copying, it also automatically will
convert single sided copies to doouble-sided, without your needing to even
touch the copies as it does it's work, with automatic input feeding,
flipping, along with output feeding/flipping. It also does it all in color,
and p[retty dense at that.

It's not a completely perfect printer, just my own favorite, and the fact
that it's maintaining THAT popular a secondary market is a pretty good
recommendation.  I bought one for my son, it's that good.

There's a newer version, the 7310, it's not as good as the original 7130,
but it's a nice printer, nevertheless, but it's too darn bad HP had to
change what seems to me to be nearly a perfect product.

> Thanks.

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