Mirroring / Cloning FreeBSD System

Roger Olofsson raggen at passagen.se
Thu Feb 28 16:16:30 UTC 2008

FreeBSD-Utah skrev:
> I have a question on how to mirror a FreeBSD
> installation / system.
> This environment will have two identical / separate
> systems referred to as “System A” and “System B”
> -	I want to install FreeBSD on to “System A”
> -	Once that installation is complete with selected
> ports and custom applications, I want to make an exact
> duplicate of “System A” on “System B”
> I don’t want to do this with drives in the same
> system, rather I would like to “clone” “System A”
> Also, it would be nice to be able to do this as a
> “mirroring” solution to keep a clone over time of the
> system in the case of failure of either “System A” or
> “System B”
> Is this possible to do? If so, any direction on how I
> would do this would be welcome.
> Is there a port / application that enables this?
> Thank you in advance!
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I use rsync to mirror and freevrrpd for failover via heartbeat.

Freevrrpd should be in ports. Freevrrpd gives both systems the same 
virtual ip so you will need to avoid rsyncing the configuration file for 
it. There is a nice feature that makes you trigger a script when one 
system goes down to initialize configurations on the system taking over.

Mind you, if you are using firewall as part of the system you will need 
to alias the interfaces and use dns names in configuration files.

Just my nickels worth


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