Inet access via serial interface

Potocki, Mariusz mariusz.potocki at
Thu Feb 28 15:36:23 UTC 2008

Any hint what relevant should be in rc.conf and ppp.conf?
Last time I used ppp dial-up when 3.1 release was the newest version, so I discover the system again...

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> FreeBSD is permanently connected to Internet (ethernet link to adsl modem).
> To serial port I have connected one radiomodem and few miles away second radiomodem is connected to windows box.
> This windows box should have access to Internet.
> I successfully installed 6.3release and I have Inet access on this box.
> What next? Create bridge? ppp -direct? some specialized port/package?

ppp -direct, on windoze side it's not that simple.
in windoze you can connect through serial port with dialing, but you can not without dialing.

feel the power of windoze ;)

emulate modem and connecting with chatscript ;) or ask microsoft how to make windows do LESS that it can.

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