Using ZFS on FreeBSD 7.0

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed Feb 27 21:19:33 UTC 2008

In the last episode (Feb 27), Joe said:
> I'm currently running Solaris 10 Update 4 on x86 hardware at home.
> I'm excited that ZFS is coming in FreeBSD 7.0.
> I've found that I don't really like Solaris that much (no ports!). I
> find it so different from other OS's and I don't want to learn
> another OS just to have a decent fileserver.
> So I'm looking forward to migrating to FreeBSD 7.0 from Solaris 10
> Update 4.
> Since ZFS was ported from Solaris, at version of Solaris 10 or
> OpenSolaris Nevada is FreeBSD 7.0 support similar to?
> In other words, will a lose some features, fixes, and enhancements in
> ZFS on FreeBSD 7.0 or will I gain?

Going from S10U4 (zfs pool version 4) to FreeBSD 7 (v6) you will
actually gain gzip compression support.  Opensolaris is up to v10.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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