Using ZFS on FreeBSD 7.0

Joe js.lists at
Wed Feb 27 20:37:54 UTC 2008

I'm currently running Solaris 10 Update 4 on x86 hardware at home.

I'm excited that ZFS is coming in FreeBSD 7.0.

I've found that I don't really like Solaris that much (no ports!). I  
find it so different from other OS's and I don't want to learn another  
OS just to have a decent fileserver.

So I'm looking forward to migrating to FreeBSD 7.0 from Solaris 10  
Update 4.

Since ZFS was ported from Solaris, at version of Solaris 10 or  
OpenSolaris Nevada is FreeBSD 7.0 support similar to?

In other words, will a lose some features, fixes, and enhancements in  
ZFS on FreeBSD 7.0 or will I gain?

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