OpenOffice 2.3 BASE, PostgreSQL 8.3 with JDB/ODBC: NO SSL possible?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Wed Feb 27 11:09:59 UTC 2008

I got a problem in connecting a BASE Client (OpenOffice DB Client) to a 
remote, SSL-secured PostgreSQL server. Both, client and server, running 
FreeBSD 7.0, but this does only matter for the OO client side. With OO 
under Windows it is either with ODBC or JDBC possible to connect via SSL 
to the DB server, but this is not for OO under FreeBSD using JDBC/ODBC 
as recently compiled from the ports.

I searched the net and found that because postges-odbc is compiled 
against on FreeBSD/UNIX and SSL connectivity is therein, it 
should be up to the ODBC driver how to connect , but I did not find any 
explanation what to switch on or of in odbc.ini.

Even with JDBC (postgres-jdbc), where SSL should be a standard with JDK 
1.5, I can not find any information about a knob or even any help on 
that so I guess the specific driver, either JDBC or ODBC should be 
capable of negotiating the connection type.

This works without problems with Windows clients running OO or M$-Office 
using JDBC or ODBC from

Can anybody help or give a hint?


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