Calendar Solution?

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> > I am trying to get them on the idea of an OSX server..
> >
> > They are using words like 'Exchange' and 'Externally Hosted Exchange'
> > servers..
> > (just sends a chill down my spine.. )
> As long as someone else is doing the feeding & caring of the exchange
> server... :-) Expensive, though.

The other problem is that after a period of time you will find the employees
using the mail system to share files, rather than using your
carefully setup shared directories off the main fileserver.  That is
when your performance of an externally hosted exchange server will take
a dump.

My employer hosts exchange servers for customers.  Take my advice,
the only way it really works is to get a T1 from the hosting company to
the remote office, and get rid of all servers at the remote office and
put Microsoft Terminal Server client on all the machines and run a big
terminal server at the hoster, in conjunction with an exchange server.
Any other way and the performance will stink and the connection will be
unreliable, and the employees will bitch.  Naturally, hosters like us
absolutely love people who come in thinking they will have us externally
host an exchange server for them.  We will start them on the server then
over time rope them into moving all their business-critical IT functions
to us.  It's very profitable. Arguably though, any customer dumb enough
to think that they can just get a hoster to "externally host" an Exchange
server, is too incompetent to be trusted to properly care for their own
data, anyway, and in the long run is better off just paying an outsourcer
like us to do it.


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