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> Hi Thanks for your time,
> Running MacOs bin on FreeBSD 6.2-S.
> I can't get hold of source for this package it is a bit proprietary.
> The software in question is Centra Client Mac Version.
> This is used for education and runs under Win and Mac and uses a jre for 
> tools.   This suites KDE but how.
> I can't use wine and the Win version as the java has winfunctions 
> which BSD 
> can't handle.

What exactly is your question?

You might find you will get better help if you use a
real e-mail program to post, rather than attempting to
instant-messageify from your cell phone.

At least I'm assuming your doing that. :-)

Seriously, the only MacBinary I know will run on FreeBSD is
under an emulator - there are several 68k emulators in the
FreeBSD ports collection.

A little bit better explanation of what your doing and
what isn't working would help a lot.


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