Open source quiry

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> > Hello,
> > Recently I was told that 2wire dsl gateways use a
> > variant of rt FreeBSD. 
> The FreeBSD license allows reuse of the source code.  In fact, this is
> one of the stated goals of the project.  `To provide a modern UNIX
> system, with no strings attached.'
> > If this is true are they required to make the source code available to
> > the public? And if so how does one go about getting the GPL source
> Not necessarily.  Depending on how meticulous they have been in their
> efforts to properly compartmentalize their own stuff, the BSD license
> allows commercial reuse of the source code.

The BSD license allows commercial reuse of the code with no requirement
to disclose modifications, and no requirement to "compartmentalize"

The GPL license is what your probably thinking on the "compartmentalize"
thing, and the GPL zealots modify the GPL on a regular basis to make
whatever "compartmentalization" schemes that people work out, impossible.

Pretty soon the GPL will be claiming that programs that exec() GPL 
programs are required to be licensed under GPL!!!!


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