IPFW2 script with natd and loadsharing

René Vestergaard rve at techno-matic.dk
Tue Feb 26 14:37:23 UTC 2008

I am trying to have both
natd (divert) and loadsharing (pipe/queue)
in the same IPFW2 firewall script.

It works partly. That is, something is wrong because,
  pipe-bandwidth does not at all match the measured
  by using the log-facility I found that
  the following package enter the script at rule 11:
  "TCP out via em0"
  but it looks like i had just been translated by rule number 400

The NIC with IP is connected to WAN and
the NIC with IP is connected to LAN

Here it my script:

# Firewall script (Kernel compilation: default-rule was set to allow)

ipfw -f -q flush
ipfw -q add 60000 allow all from any to any

# Log-facility (for debuging)
ipfw add 11 skipto 12 log all from any to any // Start

ipfw pipe 1 config bw   80KByte/s  # upload limit
ipfw pipe 2 config bw  800KByte/s  # download limit

# Package going in the download-direction are translated by NATD
# to get the destination .12-subnet IP address
# (change destination ip address)
ipfw add 100 divert natd ip from any to // Download

ipfw add 200 queue 1 ip from to not //
ipfw queue 1 config weight 10 pipe 1 mask src-ip 0x000000ff

ipfw add 300 queue 2 ip from any to // Download
ipfw queue 2 config weight 10 pipe 2 mask dst-ip 0x000000ff

# Package going in the upload-direction are translated by NATD
# to get the source IP address of the WAN NIC (and the port number is also
ipfw add 400 divert natd ip from to any // Upload


What is wrong?

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