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DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Mon Feb 25 15:02:18 UTC 2008

Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:
> Hi guys,
>    this is really not about freebsd per sa. But this is the only
> computer-related forum I use. so please forgive me.
>     my desktop was relocated due to my recent moving to a new
> apartment. After settling down at the new place, I plug in the cables
> and the computer won't start up. I open the case and found out that
> when i switched on the power supply from the back, the power fan and
> cpu fan will spin for a split second then stop. I tried to debug by
> unplugging the cables, when doing so, sometimes the fans will spin for
> 10 seconds, maybe, but most of the time, it just stopped right after
> the power switched on. I also try to hold down the start button on the
> front for a while, but no good. I was told the mother board maybe
> short-circuit. can anyone give a second opinion?? thanks!!

IMO, experience says the worst thing you can do to a computer is leave
it sit a year running, and then move it.

I would get a grounding wrist strap, open the case, remove all cards and
memory, disconnect all hard drives, clean with a soft brush (never a
vacuum cleaner), reseat all cards and memory, reconnect all hard drives,
and then try to restart it.

Even without a post code announcing a problem, I have fixed many "moved"
PCs this way.


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