Sound volume in Totem

Nikolaj Thygesen mailinglist at
Mon Feb 25 00:12:42 UTC 2008


Both in 6.x and now in 7 I've had issues with the sound volume in Totem. 
When I use vlc then nothing's wrong, but in Totem even with all the 
different available volumes turned to the max, I get much less 
volume/sound. Previously (6.x on a different machine) I could go into 
mplayer and turn it up there which would in turn increase volume of 
Totem, but I don't use mplayer on this new machine and never have. Seems 
like some global setting is interfering. Even the Gnome Configuration 
Editor shows nothing (that I can find that is). I've googled but to no 
avail - anybody??

br - Nikolaj Thygesen

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