RELENG_7 versus RELENG_7_0, latter is newer?

Chris chrcoluk at
Sun Feb 24 21:37:37 UTC 2008

> >
> > 1 - RELENG_7_0 in shows 7.0-RELEASE whilst RELENG_7 shows PRERELEASE.
> Yes, it is supposed to be that way.  RELENG_7 will continue to show
> -PRERELEASE until after 7.0-RELEASE is out, at which point it will switch to
> show -STABLE.

That is my point the 7.0 branch is marked as RELEASE not RC2 or RC3,
after reboot I see this.
Since the stable brance is typically marked as stable after release I
then cvsupped the 7 stable branch assuming I would see stable but I
didnt, however like you just said they havent officially released
freebsd7 yet so I then assumed its because they havent had time to tag
it yet.  But then...

> > 2 - RELENG_7_0 has higher version numbers than RELENG_7 on the src
> > files and config files for mergemaster.
> Considering that almost all changes to RELENG_7_0 are first applied to
> RELENG_7 before being applied to the (newer) RELENG_7_0 branch
> this is not surprising.  Note also that the revision numbers that CVS
> assigns to each revision of a file depends heavily on which branch
> the file comes from, and which revision that branch is derived from.
> Higher number does not necessarily imply newer file.

True but some files also had newer timestamps and why would they
downgrade a version number on tons of files? I am talking 100s of
files not 1 or 2.

> >
> > Given this information is it the case RELENG_7 has simply stopped been
> > updated? possibly even a fault on the cvsup servers I have been using.
> Unlikely.

This is the first time I have seen this, eg. on FreeBSD 6 branch if I
cvsupped to STABLE from 6.3 RELEASE at the time of release there would
likely be next to no files that it fetches as 6.3 RELEASE just comes
from that STABLE branch at that point in time, if files are different
STABLE branch would be newer as RELEASE stays still.  Maybe it is
typical just first time I have seen this. :)


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