Unable to compile anything from ports

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Sun Feb 24 00:45:14 UTC 2008

Jasvinder S. Bahra wrote:
>> It has a Via CPU?
>> Comment that option and try again.
> Mel,
> It does indeed have a Via cpu.  The box is running on a "VIA EPIA EK 8000EG"
> motherboard (which has a CPU integrated into it). If I run "cat
> /var/log/dmesg.today | grep CPU", I get...
> CPU: VIA C3 Nehemiah+RNG+AES (800.03-MHz 686-class CPU)

That's a new revision of the C3 which supports SSE: 'c3-2' is a better 
CPUTYPE for it.


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