[Wireless] Can't connect to wlan

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at math.arizona.edu
Sat Feb 23 21:14:04 UTC 2008

Alphons "Fonz" van Werven wrote:
> Mel wrote:
>> If it's not wep you're using, now would be a good time to mention 
>> what you
>> are using :)
> Okay. I was hoping that the "no carrier" thing indicated some trivial
> mistake on my part but since it's WPA2 I'm using I'll post a more 
> elaborate
> message. It may take a while to gather all the data, commands, output, 
> dmesg
> greps etc. though.
> To be continued,
> Alphons
Did you read the handbook about wireless support. The chapter is very 
well written. The first thing I would make sure
is that you have proper drivers loaded into the kernel. Generic kernel 
doesn't contain drivers for wpa support.
wpa supplicant file looks good.

Other things to notice is that some Wi cards do not support WPA or/and 
WPA2:-( if I remember correctly.
Make sure your WiFi router is in Wi mode. We had people trouble shooting 
WiFi network for hours just to realize that they use WEP. Do not use WPE 
unless you set up IPsec or OpenVPN. I would definitely set IPsec even 
with  WAP  or  WAP2.

You might want to turn off the PF until you configure thins. Other than 
that much more info is needed to trouble  shoot



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