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Sat Feb 23 18:35:10 UTC 2008

--On February 23, 2008 9:58:22 AM -0800 perryh at wrote:
>> >
>> > I'm finding it especially "interesting" that /etc/make.conf,
>> > which to judge from its location is part of the base, depends
>> > on a setting from something in the /usr/ports tree.
>> Well, actually it doesn't. What gives you this impression?
> Paul Schmehl reported where LOCALBASE is set: in
> /usr/ports/Mk/
> Now I'm being told to add this:
> to /etc/make.conf, so that /etc/make.conf needs LOCALBASE to be set
> in order to set X11BASE correctly.  Is that not a dependency?

You're looking at it in the reverse of what it really is.

LOCALBASE is set in /usr/ports/Mk/ so that *ports* know where 
to install stuff.  And X11BASE needs to be set to ${LOCALBASE} in 
/etc/make.conf because *ports* need to know that X11BASE has changed from 
the previous default of /usr/X11R6.

A dependency is a program that a *port* requires to function properly, not 
a *location* where ports install their files.

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