DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

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>>>>>>  Guys, I need some input about what kind of _new_ printer to buy
>>>>>>  for my desktops.  I'd like to hang the printer off my FBSD box;
>>>>>>  my Ubuntu platform is probably too far away. At least 3 meters.
>>>>> A few months ago I got a Samsung ML-2571N for well under $100 at
>>>>> Fry's.  It is small, light, fast; has a built-in 10/100 network
>>>>> port, handles PostScript, and speaks native lpr         
>>>> What is lpr? Usually printers speak Post Script or PCL printer 
>>>> command language in which case you need a driver.
>>>> LPD, LPRng, and CUPS are different spooling systems.
>>>> Did you attach the printer to a computer or is acting as a free 
>>>> standing printer server.
>>> There is a lpr driver by Brother for Linux. Brother and Canon have 
>>> binary blob drivers. Did you use that driver may be?
>>> Does anyone know if those binary blobs can be useful for anything on 
>>> FreeBSD. They appear to be wrappers for standard
>>> Ghost Script drivers.
>> They aren't wrappers.  The binary drivers generally take the
>> intermediate output from the Ghostscript ijs driver and convert
>> it into whatever the printer understands.  If the binary driver
>> is statically built then it likely can be run by the linuxulator
>> under FreeBSD.
>> Most of the time the binary drivers are wrapped in an install script
>> that sets all this up.
> I will actually try to do that as soon as I get my hands on one of 
> those Brother printers and see if I can get it to work on FreeBSD and 
> OpenBSD. Of course,  I will definitely try to set up my wife's
> Photosmart C5250 with only using LPD:-)
> Thanks one more time Tad!
> Predrag

Would you be so kind to comment on something. According to HPLIP 
web-site in order to unlock the FULL functionality of
all-in-one device one has to use CUPS?


*Question: How are HPLIP and HPIJS related?*

Answer: HPIJS is a subcomponent of HPLIP. HPIJS provides basic printing 
support for non-postscript printers. HPIJS can operate in any spooler 
environment (including no spooler). HPIJS provides no I/O. HPLIP 
provides I/O for bi-directional communication, scanning, photo card 
access, and toolbox functionality. HPLIP requires the CUPS spooler.

end of quote.

Call me stupid but I do not understand the above. I have used probably 
as you and many other people HPIJS with LPD.
HPIJS are included in HPLIP so I would guess that I could use even the 
same printcap file with HPLIP and it should work.

If I want to unlock scanning I need the hpaio backhands for SANE and 
they are included in HPLIP. Now why the hack
do we need the CUPS. Is it possible that idiotic HP-toolbox talks only 
IPP so that one can not actually get the status of the
toner, paper, and other "advanced" functions unless use CUPS?

I really apologize for bothering you but I really want to understand how 
HPLIP works.


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