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D G Teed donald.teed at
Sat Feb 23 02:27:32 UTC 2008

On 2/22/08, Jonathan McKeown <jonathan+freebsd-questions at> wrote:
> Petty quibble: I suspect that you mean ``there is no support for FreeBSD in
>  EMC Networker'' rather than the other way round. Picking a backup solution
>  that can't back up some of your servers, and opting to fix the problem by
>  getting rid of the servers, seems to me to be doing things the wrong way
>  round - irrespective of which OS you're forcing yourself to get rid of.

Well, we are not going to ditch the Windows Servers, nor run 2 backup solutions,
so FreeBSD must go.  We do have the client that someone made for Legato
6.0 some time ago and we are using that.  A bug report appeared that the
default configure for the client was insecure.  It wasn't fixed after a year
and the FBSD resolution was to drop the client from FBSD packages.

Legato didn't make that FBSD legato 6.0 client package.  Someone
clever from within the FreeBSD developers made it based on
how the package for Linux worked.  From the pattern that
followed, it seems that developer or contributor didn't
maintain it afterward. So from our perspective,
FreeBSD dropped something we have relied
on to make FreeBSD doable in our server
room.  I know, there are always people
who will say: "you can't complain, you
go fix it", but I'm sorry I'm not able
to spend the time on it. After all,
not everyone who flies is a
pilot, and no one builds a
plane only for pilots.

I don't hate BSD -
at home I run a
with NetBSD.


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