FreeBSD diskless workstation and over the network installation via PXE

vincenzo romero new2xen at
Fri Feb 22 22:59:53 UTC 2008


Am new to FreeBSD and relatively new to linux;  I have a CentOS 5.1
PXE/tftpd/dhcpd server; I'd like it to be the build/PXE server where a
bunch of 1U clients could PXE boot and run:

1.  diskless over NFS-Root

In googling, seems like there is a clone script that preps and lets
you generate a root file system structure and let your clients boot
off the network.

I checked the Free BSD Handbook (Chapter 29) where extensive
documentation on setup is outlined, but it assumes that the
PXE/TFTP/NFS/DHCPd servers are FreeBSD;  mine is a CentOS; just want
to support diskless PXE boot for my clients.

Section 9Usning a Non-FreeBSD server - just indicates that
do a tar/cpio of root; but ensure that special files in /dev are taken
care of ...

my question -

- does anyone have this type of scenario setup?  if so, can you please
share with me your insights/cheat-sheet-how to?
- i'd be interested in understanding the setup of how you handled
copying the /dev files into your exported ROOT directorty ...

Are there any other recommendations ?

thanks in advance!



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