esx 3.0.2 update1 BTX Halted issue

Omer Faruk SEN omer at
Wed Feb 20 20:47:53 UTC 2008


It was my bad not to enable the VT feature of the CPU so esx wasn't supporting the 64 bit systems. This error is taken just  because of that. Fixed the issue and now I can happily install fbsd amd64 to esx3.0.2 update1 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008, 8:07:53 PM, you wrote:

>   Hi,

> I am trying to install amd64 version of the freebsd 6.2 (also 6.3 gives the same error).

> After options presented in the loader whatever I choose ( safe
> mode, wo acpi...) it directly goes to BTX Halted mode.

> Has anyone in this list installed fbsd 6.2 or 6.3 to esx 3.0.2
> update 1 ?(I have also tried esx 3.0.2 without update 1 and has
> taken the same error message). If yes have you done anything special for this system ?

> BTW: This system is upgraded from first 2.5.4 

> Regards.

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> Omer Faruk Sen

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