DNS /etc/namedb owner hell

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Wed Feb 20 13:17:07 UTC 2008

Ruben de Groot writes:

>  > I have the following problem with bind:
>  > 
>  > it is configured to run as bind:bind and after every reboot of the system
>  > all files and directories under /etc/namedb become owned by root:wheel so
>  > bind is unable is unable to update it's zone files after dhcpd leases IP to
>  > any given client. How to fix either owner, or set somewhere that the owner
>  > of this folder, subfolder and files is my DNS server?
>  Try setting named_chroot_autoupdate to NO in your rc.conf

	Does this still work if you don't run chrooted?
	To the OP: does this happen every reboot, or when you update the
system?  I used to have tha latter problem, and fixed it by adding

NO_BIND_ETC=       true    # Do not install files to /etc/namedb

	to /etc/make.conf.  Upsides: no permission mangling, and no
automatic file update.  Downside: no automatic file update, though
you can deal with this using mergeaster.

				Robert Huff

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