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Pieter de Goeje pieter at
Tue Feb 19 15:57:59 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 19 February 2008, Girish Venkatachalam wrote:
> On 08:29:19 Feb 19, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> > You bet, Perl is terrific.  But, Perl is also harder to maintain and
> > less readable in the long run (IMHO and many others' too).  Language
> > wars are silly, of course, one uses the right tools for the right
> > job.  But as I said, having programmed fairly widely over the years,
> > I find Python the single most productive language I've ever used.
> > I never ceased to be amazed at how quickly I get to a correct and
> > finished program.  I am further amazed when I pick it up a year later
> > and it still is crystal clear and understandable.
> Couldn't resist saying that I plan to take a stab at lua. It seems to be
> a wonderfully agile and powerful language - the new kid off the block.

It is indeed, however that power comes at a price. Especially when working 
with classes lua is more like a meta programming language. Also, lua lacks 
support for integer data types, as everything numeric is a double. Lua will 
excel as an addon language for scripting other programs. IMO writing complete 
standalone programs is better done with one of the more complete (library 
wise) languages like python, perl or java.
> :)
> However I do not have any experience with it to say anything further.
> Hopefully that will change one day soon.
> -Girish

Pieter de Goeje

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