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William Bulley wrote:
> According to Tim Daneliuk <tundra at>:
>> Before you go down this road too far, you should take a look at Python
>> as an implementation language. If what you're doing involves text and
>> string manipulation, Python is loaded with good modules that will make
>> your task a snap. Having coded extensively in many assemblers, C,
>> BASIC, ... I now find myself reaching exclusively for Python when
>> writing applications and utilities unless the task at hand must have
>> the performance of native C. Try it ... you'll be shocked how fast
>> your program comes together.
> Might the same not be said for Perl?
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You bet, Perl is terrific.  But, Perl is also harder to maintain and
less readable in the long run (IMHO and many others' too).  Language
wars are silly, of course, one uses the right tools for the right
job.  But as I said, having programmed fairly widely over the years,
I find Python the single most productive language I've ever used.
I never ceased to be amazed at how quickly I get to a correct and
finished program.  I am further amazed when I pick it up a year later
and it still is crystal clear and understandable.

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