port net/acx100 for usr5410 pcmcia wireless FBSD 6.3

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Feb 19 14:23:27 UTC 2008

I tried to contact the port maintainer, but haven't heard anything back.

I'd like to use US Robotics usr5410 wireless pcmcia card on my FBSD 6.3
laptop. I understand this card is (was?) supported by port net/acx100.
However, the net/acx100/Makefile has:

 BROKEN=         Does not compile on FreeBSD >= 6.x

In addition the port maintainer's website, dev.kewl.org, states that
acx100 is obsolete, and was replaced by acx100+111. However, there
is no FBSD port for acx100+111.

Is anybody using net/acx100? On what version of FBSD?

Is anybody using acx100+111? What is the best way to install it?

Is anybody using usr5410? With what driver? And what version of FBSD?

Any other advice on getting usr5410 working on FBSD 6.3?

many thanks

Anton Shterenlikht
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Bristol University
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