libc5 on freebsd 6.3

Kris Kennaway kris at
Tue Feb 19 10:04:08 UTC 2008

lenny at wrote:
> after several years of relatively trouble free system ( 5 > 6.3 ) and port
> upgrades, I started having some issues with timesieved daemon of cyrus
> imap.
> nothing in the software configuration has changed, but the cyrus port was
> recently upgraded ( around the same time that the system was upgraded from
> 6.2 to 6.3 )
> the only thing that looks suspicious is the fact that most ( or all )
> cyrus binaries are linked to both libc5 and libc6.  in fact, after some
> digging around, I discovered that many other binaries on the system seem
> be linked to both libraries. I suspect that libc5 is the remnant of 5x
> installation.
>  What's the safest thing to do ?
>  remove libc5 and link libc5 to libc6  ?
> rebuild affected software ? ( couldn't find a relevant make.conf option,
> so what might a flag like that look like ? WITH_LIBC_VER=6   ?

You have to recompile all your installed ports as part of your upgrade 
to a new version of FreeBSD (e.g. 5.x -> 6.x, 6.x -> 7.x, etc).  The 
only reason this is necessary is to prevent this kind of problem from 
creeping in as you incrementally rebuild your ports over time.  Binaries 
linked to incompatible or inconsistent sets of libraries like two 
different versions of libc will behave unpredictably and may crash.  No 
special care needs to be taken when recompiling, just make sure to 
recompile everything (portupgrade -fa or -faPP or similar).


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