QEMU Windows and X forwarding

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 08:21:44 UTC 2008

David Schulz wrote:
> Hello,
> my Goal is to setup a FreeBSD Server that hosts about 5 Images of 
> (licensed) Windows XP, which i made either using QEMU or Win4BSD. Those 
> Images then i want to make accessible to old Macintosh PowerPC Machines, 
> so the Users can access one or two Applications that only run under 
> Windows XP. I would like to know from anyone in a similar situation how 
> to accomplish this best.
> Currently, I pretty much have it setup for myself, so when i open X11 on 
> my PowerPC Machine, and type in ssh -X server_address windows_xp , i do 
> get an instance of Windows XP on my PowerPC Machine.
> The trouble here for now is server and network performance. I would like 
> to know if anyone of you has any suggestions for me on how i can make 
> the network load as little as possible. I read that freenx is offering 
> really good responsiveness, but unfortunately it is marked as broken on 
> my System using FreeBSD Version 6.3.

I'm using net/rdesktop for that. It's native to win, easy to setup, easy 
to work.

qemu bla-bla-bla -redir tcp:3389::3389 -nographic

You can use different outside ports for different virtual machines.

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