wine: notepad OK, others not

perryh at perryh at
Tue Feb 19 07:12:48 UTC 2008

I have installed wine-0.9.20 from ports, and
there's a Win98 FAT32 slice mounted on /windoze

  % grep -w windoze /etc/fstab
  /dev/ad0s1    /windoze    msdosfs    ro    0    0

If I run Notepad, like this, it seems to work

  % wine /windoze/WIN98/NOTEPAD.EXE

but if I then try to run Write:

  % wine /windoze/WIN98/WRITE.EXE

the window title bar says Wordpad and several
capabilities (like Save) don't work.

Meanwhile the *real* Wordpad doesn't even start:

  % wine /windoze/PROGRA~1/ACCESS~1/WORDPAD.EXE
  err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by L"Z:\\windoze\\PROGRA~1\\ACCESS~1\\WORDPAD.EXE") not found
  err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"Z:\\windoze\\PROGRA~1\\ACCESS~1\\WORDPAD.EXE" failed, status c0000135

but MFC42.DLL does exist, in what I think is the usual place:

  % find /windoze -name MFC42.DLL -ls
  3536377 1948 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 995383 Apr 23 1999 /windoze/WIN98/SYSTEM/MFC42.DLL

How do I fix this?

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