Default named issues in FreeBSD-6.2:Any hints most welcome

Bogdan Ćulibrk bc at
Mon Feb 18 12:16:30 UTC 2008

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dhaneshk k wrote:
| People: i have a strange issue with named services in my
freeBSD-6.2-Release Box
| (I have installed the OS from the ISO image from which I installed
another box there named is running fine , but unfortunately in this box
its not running ), I can't trace it what went wrong ?
|  Named is not starting , named forcestart I tried but no use ,
| later I found that  ther is no executables  as /usr/sbin/named
| && rndc also not found
| whats went wrong with this box ?all named dirs & files there  but  no
/usr/sbin/named executables :!!!!
| So how can I rebuild/reinstall this named services in this FreeBSd6.2
box   ,
| Expecting your valuable comments to fix this issue :
| thanks in advance
| Dhanesh
| The following informations may be useful for you to judge whats wrong
with my installation
| [root at sun /usr/sbin]# find / -name named
| /usr/sbin/named.reconfig
| /usr/sbin/named.reload

Hi there,

I'm not sure what kind of third party software of administrator you have
there, but seems to me that your named binary is missing.

However you can reinstall your binary from source tree located in:

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