Still looking for a calendar server...

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at
Mon Feb 18 02:21:45 UTC 2008

I've brought this up before, I know, but I need a caldav server that will work with evolution. I've checked out Darwin Calendar Server, but they are not going to solve an issue (as of 2006) that means evolution can't use it, and evolution won't budge either- so a mexican stand-off and I'm caught in the middle (probably with others).

So that brings me back to the Apache module under construction (mod_caldav), but nothing seems to be happening with it. I've requested support on the forum their at sourceforge, but I have had no response for over a week, and no responses have been issued since april 2006.

So now I'm wondering where to start: is it possible to build on this code to achieve what I want? Does anyone know where to get help developing an Apache module? (especially seeing as this will be my first attempt at c++ programming)

Current issues with this module atm is a missing xattr.h file. I'm wondering if it can be changed to support the extended attributes natively in freebsd ufs2. I'd also like to consider using mysql or other db as a backend.

I'm scouring the script as of now, and I figure that an Apache module will be more stable and easier to administer. Any help would be appreciated here.

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