LDAP user authentication?

Darek M. darek at nyi.net
Sun Feb 17 23:12:19 UTC 2008

Jon Theil Nielsen wrote:
> I have googled for a very long time, but I haven't found any useful
> howto on this issue. Well, there is
> http://www.cultdeadsheep.org/FreeBSD/docs/Quick_and_dirty_FreeBSD_5_x_and_nss_ldap_mini-HOWTO.html
> but that seems to be a bit confusing an not up-to-date. I guess it
> _should_ be possible - and indeed very useful (especially combinde
> with Samba PDC and an easily maintainlable mail server). So please, if
> you have any experiences or knowledge of a useful description..!
> Regards,
> Jon Theil Nielsen

At the risk of a thread-jack...

how are home directories handled?  Will 'user' have a home dir on the 
local system?  I suppose once LDAP is set up properly, you can then 
create the home dir, then chown it 'user', with 'user' not being a local 
user and not in passwd/master.passwd files.  So when you chown/chgrp, 
those commands go through pam/nss/ldap to retrieve the proper id and 
name from the LDAP server?

For anyone that runs such a system, is there a delay when logging in or 
'ls -l'ing an LDAP user's files, etc?  Or is it  unnoticeable if the 
network between them is resonably responsive?

- Darek

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