fdisk from fixit CD: geom not found

Jonathan McKeown jonathan+freebsd-questions at hst.org.za
Sun Feb 17 19:44:05 UTC 2008

As part of our disaster recovery planning, I'm working up a bare-metal 
recovery sequence that can be followed by someone who's used Linux (easier to 
find here than a FreeBSD admin).

My initial outline sequence was along the lines of:

Boot install CD and choose Fixit
fdisk -BI
extract saved disklabel from tape and install with bsdlabel
Initialise filesystems using stored output of dumpfs -m (from tape)
Restore filesystems from tape

I'm tripping up on the first step, which although it appears to create the 
slice, throws a ``Geom not found'' message - which is potentially worrying to 
someone blindly following a recovery script.

Is there a way to avoid this message, or would I be better off using the 
Configure option of sysinstall (and the W option to write the new slice 
table) before switching to Fixit mode to recover the disklabel (which is the 
next bit I need to test ``under lab conditions'')?


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