FTP installation problem.

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
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Righard van Roy wrote:
> Hello,
> I was planning stepping over from Linux to BSD. I trying to install FreeBSD
> using the minimal boot cd over FTP. In the installation menu I select that I
> do not wish to use IPv6, and that I do wish to use DHCP. I sure I have
> selected the correct Network card. Although after this my DHCP settings have
> bin found correctly the installation program reports me that it cannot
> resolve the name of the server (I ve tried more than one)
> I did not find anything special on the second console nor scrolling up with
> scroll lock. My internet connection is working.
> Does anybody have a solution to my problem?

Sounds like your DHCP server is not telling you the IP numbers of some usable
DNS servers.  

Alternatively, you can just tell the installer not to use DHCP and fill in the
IP, netmask, gateway, hostname and DNS server manually in the network settings

> P.S. is there a way to go to a console during installation to tweak some
> settings like I used doing in Archlinux? Maybe then I can get the connection
> working by hand.

Sure.  Alt+F4 will take you to the 'emergency holographic shell' where
you should[*] be able to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file used during

However, be aware that editing that file won't automatically affect
the /etc/resolv.conf you get once everything is installed -- in fact,
if you're using DHCP, that file will be overwritten at each reboot.



[*] Possibly with some difficulty, as you'll be in a memory file system
with very limited contents.

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