Stuck on loader.conf

joseph blase joseph.mailboxlist at
Sat Feb 16 09:36:36 UTC 2008

Hi All,

As a newbie on freebsd I eagerly played this featureful OS, now my last one
being the serial console, sure enough my two fsbd box can connect to each
other console via com port/null-modem connection, unfortunately as I had
already finished I revert but the old entry on  /etc/ttys but forgot to take
out the console=comconsole on /boot/loader.conf.
 As of of now I had lost connection via com port and worst stuck on boot at
loader.conf  section.

Though erasing the whole OS would just take a minute, I look at this as an
opportunity to learn how to approach, in case on a real production box. How
shall I proceed?

Stuck on loader at infinity,

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