Please help in diagnosing these smartmon messages

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Sat Feb 16 02:56:40 UTC 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008 15:29:29 Mel wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 February 2008 04:14:39 Andrew Falanga wrote:
> > I know it's probably near impossible to know exactly how much longer this
> > drive has, but how serious are these errors?  As I mentioned, the
> > unreadable sectors on the hard drive are repeated many times in the log (
> > > 100 times).
> If it's not dead already, it can be when you read this or in 2-3 months. I
> usually change the cable on the first read error I see popping up, just to
> rule out the cable. If the errors persist, it's time to order and stop
> adding new stuff to the disk.
> Since it's a church disk, you might have better luck with your prayers then
> most people.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who answered this one.  I figured that the 
problems shouldn't be good, but wanted to get some input from those who'd 
used smartd before.

Thanks again,


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