openLDAP - Mozilla clients asking for password

Tim Judd tjudd2k at
Fri Feb 15 19:47:29 UTC 2008

OK, I'm at wit's end.

Every doc I read is telling me that the default openLDAP installation
provides the rootdn as write access, and the rest are read only, with
no access control changes.

However, when I installed openLDAP, mozilla seamonkey address book
keeps prompting for a password.  I'm not sure what password it might be
asking for, since the base dn and search dn don't have any cn's (am I
using the write letters?  lol) to work from.  I found out how to search
locally (as in or sockets) on the server, returning the
strings and data I want.  But I can't figure out how to do it via

As I'm writing this, it may be an issue of the source IP address (when
using a client, it's not on or the server IP it's bound to). 
Would the remote IP cause a password prompt?

Google is only returning results of "default configuration isn't to
prompt for password, read only access" type of hits.  But the search
terms are the same as this sentence, with no value in those terms.  So
now I'm lost.  Please help,


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