Install question - sysinstall

Olivier Nicole on at
Fri Feb 15 10:39:40 UTC 2008

> Installing a fresh BSD System gives me among others the option
> 'X-User'. In the books I just find a hint its without source code,
> what I really dont need.
> But is there anything else but the source code what I will miss
> later for a desktop installation or a simple webserver?? Anybody
> tried this?

I am not sure what is in the X-user but:

1) consider that a web server being a server, you may need no X at all.

2) if you don't install the source of X now, next time there will be
   the slightest update needed on X, you will probably have to
   download all the sources instead of downloading only the one that

I find it a good idea to always have the source, because sooner or
later (and rather sooner than later) I will have to reconstruct
everything and I will then need the sources.


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