Via EDEN Chipset?

Karl Denninger karl at
Fri Feb 15 02:10:03 UTC 2008

Hi folks;

I have an interesting little box here that *SHOULD*, in theory, look 
like an i386 PC to FreeBSD.

It is using the VIA EDEN Chipset.

I can PXE boot it and get as far as loading the kernel - it goes and 
gets the ACPI module.

It never prints the banner however.

But - I do know the code is starting, because it clears the keyboard - 
so it is definitely beginning execution, and it sets the cursor to a 
block - so it IS starting up.  At that point, however, its mostly "dead" 
- the keyboard is still active (num and caps toggle properly, but I have 
no video beyond that point)

I'm not sure what I'm looking for here - if I have a machine that is 
actually up but has had a heart attack with the built-in video (which 
allegedly is a VGA like thing), or what?

It WILL boot and run Windows NT 4 and XP without anything "special", so 
in theory, I should be able to at least boot FreeBSD on it I'd think.....

Anyone tried one of these monsters?  Its one of the "mini-ITX" boards....

Would some sort of backtrace help (and if so, any ideas how to get it 
from HERE?)

Sent to both -Questions and -Embedded because its not really an embedded 
system (it supports a regular IDE hard disk, etc)

Thanks in advance.

Karl Denninger (karl at

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