To sourceforge or not to sourceforge

Danny Pansters danny at
Fri Feb 15 01:24:24 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

II would like to sollicit opinions and advice on whether or not to put a 
project on sourceforge or perhaps somewhere else (better?)

I have put kbtv1 on sourceforge as well as on my own website. Apart from 
getting to use as the first download location in its port I can't 
really say that it has been useful in any way. And updating it is a pain.

Now that I'm starting to distribute kbtv2 (beta) I find myself wondering 
whether I should continue to use or just use my own site (and possibly 
some secondary location in one of our committers' webspaces under 
(easy to add to port).

My primary objective with hosting my source (and to a lesser extend docs) 
elsewhere is availability (and to a lesser extend offloading data traffic). 
You know, just the simple thought "what if I drop dead tomorrow".

Are there better/simpler/faster alternatives to SF that people recommend?

One thing I noticed with SF is that there's all sorts of "me-too" (that is 
marketing) websites that just scrape SF and then forever have outdated info 
and downloads. I don't find this desirable at all. And besides, if you're 
using FreeBSD you're going to use ports not some external stale copy of the 
source. BUT it appears that there *are* people downloading old crud from such 

I tend to have the feeling that simply hosting it my damn self will work 99% 
of the time and cause fewest headaches, but I'm open to any suggestions.



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