FreeBSD6.2 What is the easiest Way to Capture RS-232 Serial Data?

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Feb 14 19:01:51 UTC 2008

Warren Block writes:
> Depending on the switch, you may find that the /usr/ports/comms utilities
> atslog or cdr_read will do the work for you.

Derek Ragona writes:
>You still need to handle when the cord is unplugged, or put the server in a 
>secure location away from other people.

>If you want the program to be more capable of staying running you can have 
>the program fork a child and if the child dies, fork a new child.  This is 
>the method used for many running services.  Just be sure if the child dies 
>the log file is closed and that same file is opened by the new child.

	Excellent ideas from both! Thank you.

Martin McCormick

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