Curses problem with keymapping in screen and debugging curses

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Thu Feb 14 18:41:57 UTC 2008

I have the following problem when using screen sessions between
FreeBSD and Linux:

The pageup/pagedown keys stop working when I re-attach a session that
was started under FreeBSD to a console that is Linux driven and vice
versa.  All other keys, including alt/meta and some supposedly more
complicated keys continue to work.  I haven't verified this in detail
but it seems that while programs like mutt seem affected often emacs
seems to be happy.

I know NIL about curses.  How would I go about debugging this? I would
need something like "xev" for curses to see what keys I get from the
different consoles and then I'd need something to find out what a
given session expects.

Where do I start looking?

Also, I see screen on FreeBSD emit line noise on a regular basis, both
when attaching before the session comes up and after deattaching.
Dunno whether this helps.  Example:
# session running, press detach key
-en \033]0; grisu:ttype:~\007

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