LDAP user authentication?

Jon Theil Nielsen jontheil at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 12:20:32 UTC 2008

>  >I have googled for a very long time, but I haven't found any useful
>  > howto on this issue. Well, there is
>  > http://www.cultdeadsheep.org/FreeBSD/docs/Quick_and_dirty_FreeBSD_5_x_and_nss_ldap_mini-HOWTO.html
>  > but that seems to be a bit confusing an not up-to-date. I guess it
>  > _should_ be possible - and indeed very useful (especially combinde
>  > with Samba PDC and an easily maintainlable mail server). So please, if
>  > you have any experiences or knowledge of a useful description..!
>  >
>  > Regards,
>  > Jon Theil Nielsen

2008/2/14, Dave <dmehler26 at woh.rr.com>:
> Hi,
>     I am far from an expert, in fact i'm still learning. I don't know a lot
>  of the jargon, that is i still get the more intense terms mixed up, but i've
>  been banging my head against ldap for about a month now and am starting to
>  show results. Right now i'm using ldap in jails on freebsd 6.2 as i don't
>  have all the bugs worked out to go production. I've got a directory that is
>  a user addressbook as well as handles authentication of users, both for the
>  jailed ldap server, but for two other jailed environments, one the ldap
>  client, the other just a test machine. I've also authenticated a linux box
>  against this server that works fine with a few tweaks. Right now i've got a
>  jail specifically for testmail setup i'm going to try to hook in email
>  services, pop/imap, smtp, etc. in to ldap.
>     If you have im abilities i can talk more there, but basically it's
>  definitely not trivial to get going, in my opinion others might differ.
>  Dave.
I have some experience with FreeBSD but not with running in jails. I
migth be a solution, but I don't know. What I would really like was a
thorough desription of setting LDAP authentication up for the wholw
system. But I might read up on jails. Thanks anyway.

Jon Theil Nielsen

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