Some ideas for FreeBSD

RW fbsd06 at
Thu Feb 14 00:40:23 UTC 2008

On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:02:45 -0700
Chad Perrin <perrin at> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 10:32:16PM -0800, Jason C. Wells wrote:
> > 
> > One could mount an md filesystem and then use that as swap.  That
> > way you wouldn't need to use any disc space.  As a plus, the
> > performance would be way better than disc.
> Okay, I'm confused.  Are we talking about using md(4) to create a
> virtual disk in RAM, then putting your swap there?  If so . . . why?
> Do you just lack understanding of what swap is?

I think it was intended as a joke.

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