NIS in a jail?

Eric Osterweil eoster at
Wed Feb 13 02:05:18 UTC 2008

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Hey everyone,

I've been struggling with something, and I'm starting to wonder if  
this is even supposed to work.

I have a 6.2 box (haven't moved to 6.3 yet) running a set of jails,  
and all has been well for quite a while.  I recently tried to get one  
of the jails to be a NIS slave and it seemed to come online and get  
maps OK, but no other servers could use it.  I've set up NIS before,  
so I think I've got that part ok.

Anyway, I tried to make it a master today for other reasons, but also  
so I could repeat the setup process.  In doing so, I tried to change  
it's nisdomainname.  I've found that it wants to use the host's  
nisdomainname instead of its local value (in the jailed rc.conf).   
This made me realize that maybe the problem is more fundamental and  
that this is not supported.

Does anyone have an guidance for me?  My most pressing question is  
can you setup a NIS master or slave in a jail at all?  If yes, then I  
can keep plugging away (help is appreciated).  Maybe I just need to  
have a consistent nisdomainname.  if not, then so be it, at least  
I'll know.

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