what happened to linuxflashplugin?

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Tue Feb 12 19:55:52 UTC 2008

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Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> On Monday 11 February 2008 22:26, Chuck Robey wrote:
>> All you folks who are focussing on YouTube are (purposefully?  I don't
>> know) the fact that with just about half of the entire Web using flash in
>> one way or antoehr, not using Flash is a huge problem, as anyone who
>> browses without a flashplayer knows.
> Just to provide a counterpoint to this sweeping generalisation, I browse 
> without a Flash player and it's never caused me any problem at all.
> There are a few sites which don't work without Flash. Having checked on a 
> number of occasions, I've found (and I stress this is a personal opinion) 
> that heavy use of Flash is a fairly reliable marker of a site I wouldn't be 
> interested in whatever publishing techniques were used.
> It's rather like the old saying in the British advertising industry: only sing 
> in an ad if you have nothing to say.
> How does Flash fit in with accessibility guidelines? In many countries, a 
> commercial site which doesn't degrade gracefully when viewed with (eg) Lynx 
> may fall foul of legislation protecting people with disabilities such as 
> visual impairment.

You know, there are some folks out there who are still using their old M32
TTY's, and they can't understand why any folks would need mouses.  Those of
us who have successfully made the move to the 21st century can tell them,
but honestly, most of us are very tired of hearing the same hoary old
excuses why things aren't necessary.  The majority of folks doing browsing
today aren't impressed that maybe some 3rd world country is unhappy with
flash sites, they just want their flash sites to work, and ours don't.  Why
don't they?  Because everytime someone comes up with a workable plan, all
the real cave-men out there trot out there war-stories, and bore us all to
death with their memoirs, and endlessly recursive arguments.  Everytime
they get proven wrong on one item, they just move the clock back a few
months, grab the previous self-justification, and start the argument all
back up again.  You can't out-last them.

I personally tried to fix things, got soundly beaten to death over it (and
I WILL NOT try that one again, under pain of death, sorry!).  MY flash
works here and that's all I will worry about.  I can't predict when things
will finally improve, maybe when enough folks realize they don't have to
put up with this.

> In short, I think ``half of the entire Web using Flash'' may be a bit of an 
> overstatement even if you count Flash ad banners (which frankly I can do 
> without), and the small number of Flash-only sites I encounter hasn't caused 
> me temporary inconvenience, never mind ``a huge problem''.
> Jonathan
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