Console escape code

Olivier Nicole on at
Tue Feb 12 11:54:38 UTC 2008


I am upgrading an application that was runinng on 4.11, and I try to
port it to 6.3.

The application is using a couple of escape control sequences to
modify the cursor on the console.

On 4.11 it was OK, but on 6.3 the cursor changed from block type to
overscore (? same as underscore but abov ethe character).  This is not
a big issue, but I am failling to remember where I get these escape
control sequences in the first time.

    printf("      ESC[7mESC[1m string1 ESC[0m");

This one is OK, reverse and bold

    printf("ESC[=2CESC[=18;20C string2");

It prints OK, but the cursor is overscore instead of block

    readline("ESC[=2;0C string 3");

It prints OK.

Thanks in advance,


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