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> Le Tue 12/02/2008, Heiko Wundram (Beenic) disait
>> Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008 09:03:10 schrieb Da Rock:
>>> Anybody know why this would be happening to me? Every time I post I get
>>> this back, yet my post shows up on the list.
>> You're sending from a address, without using a server 
>> as outgoing mail relay.
>> Someone who's reading this list (and thus gets your messages delivered, even 
>> though you're not explicitly sending it to them) is boucing your messages 
>> because of the SPF record for in place, which lists the outgoing 
>> mail servers that messages from the is allowed to come 
>> from (and the one you use isn't among them).
>> Read up on SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to know what's going on behind the 
>> scenes.
> And the person bouncing the mails should check its settings : SPF must
> NOT be applied to header sender address but o enveloppe sender
> address. This person is breaking all mailing lists.
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> Erwan
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And that my friends is exactly my point. The freebsd list server is the sender - not me- so it shouldn't be applying those settings.
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