Freebsd based server lacking chown command, where to get it.

deepcore bo at
Tue Feb 12 07:59:22 UTC 2008

Hi People.
I am currently running Freenas, which (for those of you, who don't know it),
is a nice little freebsd based NAS server. (my version is 0.684b)

The user management does, however leave something to be desired and the only
to set permissions on directories is to use the chmod command.

When i installed it ages ago i did, however not have the insight to see
which users should own which directories, and i need to change that now.

The distibution has been made with the chmod, but without the chown command
in its /bin directory.

Does anyone know where to get this nifty util? ...or another way of changing
file ownership?
Thanks in advance.
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