what happened to linuxflashplugin?

Gordon devel user0 at tkgeomap.org
Tue Feb 12 02:26:32 UTC 2008

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 10:35:13PM +0000, Alphons Fonz van Werven wrote:
> Wojciech Puchar cut a corner:
> I'm afraid it's not that simple. Counterexample:
> When I was shopping for a new parachute rig, one of the manufacturers I was
> interested in turned out to have a Flash-only website. I could of course
> have decided not to buy there because their website sucks, but when it
> comes to equipment that's supposed to be going to save my life hundreds of
> times I'd much rather base the decision on the quality of the product than
> on the technical soundness of a website, thank you :-)
> I don't mean to ridicule your principles, I merely mean to point out that
> in my opinion it's not always as black and white as you make it seem.
Tell the vendor.

I wanted to shop at a web site (wickers.com), but it was useless
without Flash.  I sent an email saying I wanted to place an order,
but I could not view their site.  It was fixed enough to be functional
the next day, and I placed an order.  They "re-launched" the site several
weeks later.  It still recommends, but does not demand, Flash.

I do not know if the changes were a response to complaints, but I think
complaining was worthwhile.


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