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Darryl Hoar wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have Freebsd 6.3-release installed on my server.  I used ports 
> to install mysql 4.0 on this machine.  Turns out, I really need
> mysql 4.1.  What is the proper technique to remove the mysql 4
> and then install mysql 4.1 ?
> I tried make deinstall, but it says it doesn't know how.

Firstly, make sure you don't have any 'WANT_MYSQL_VER= XX' settings
in /etc/make.conf while doing this -- you can put such things back in
place once this update is complete.

Assuming you're a portupgrade user, do the following in this order:

   # portupgrade -o databases/mysql41-client -f mysql-client-4.0\*
   # portupgrade -o databases/mysql41-server -f mysql-server-4.0\*

Then possibly one or both of the following if you have either of these
two ports installed -- if not then just omit this bit:

   # portupgrade -o databases/p5-DBD-mysql41 -f p5-DBD-mysql40-\*
   # portupgrade -o databases/mysql41-scripts -f mysql-scripts-4.0\*

Then rebuild anything that might link against the libmysql shlib,
as you've just replaced it with a later ABI version:

   # portupgrade -fr -x '>=mysql-client-4.1.22' mysql-client-4.1.22 

That rebuilds everything that depends on the mysql client libraries
except for packages rebuilt after the updates to the client libraries
at the beginning of these instructions.



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